About Us

The establishment of this company by Caroline and her husband, Ralph, was never intended or foreseen! Caroline became absorbed in the painting of porcelain and glass objects for her home, and for friends and family. She loved the luxurious, glossy finish of the paints, and their vibrant colours. She painted mini mugs for cappuccino in the mornings and their bright designs immediately cheered the day. Then there were the champagne glasses whose festive designs gave an added gaiety to the party mood. The dining table needed jazzing up, so she painted a different plate for every guest! Wine glasses needed to be fun, while not so busy as to obscure the quality of the liquids within. Canapés required their own different designs, giving birth to a new selection of designs.  The cow butter dish had so many different personalities that to date there is a herd of about one hundred different cows. These can used to serve individual cheese plates, each diner having their own painted cow.

As all the decoration is entirely hand painted the process is very time consuming. So, as unsolicited requests came for Caroline to paint more porcelain and glass, and suggestions that she sell them, we finally responded by finding skilled painters to help to paint her designs, and starting to sell some select items commercially.

The aim of our range is to combine originality, fun, luxury and usability. Everything should look as good at a banquet as at a barbeque. We hope that the range can be used every day, owing to the combination of its vibrant beauty yet practicality.

Our first criterion is to commission the production of a high quality underlying product; only by starting with a fine item, can one end with one. The porcelain which we used to make the cows and cachepots is a bright white colour, and each item has been carefully hand finished.

Then each object is carefully hand painted with beautiful, translucent paints to achieve an original and outstandingly decorative item. Because each object is individually painted, there will be slight discrepancies between them. The finish, while glossy and luxurious, will have minor imperfections consistent with hand-painting, rather than a transferred decoration.

We have also decided to limit the use of any particular design. There will be no more than 504 cachepots in the current six designs, and no more than 264 cows any design.

The Original Cow - these cows are all designed and painted by Caroline and are the original concept, which may or may not be used in the future as a basis for creating a limited range herd of 264. These are sold on a one off basis.

Glassware – We have also created very attractive, hand blown wine and champagne glasses.

The Crazy-Face Wine Glasses come in a set of six, each with a different coloured stem, and each face comprising lines of the six colours of the stems, which change from glass to glass.

Party People Champagne Glasses are in sets of six differently coloured figures in motion, edged in gold and holding a star. The base is decorated in matching stars. Apart from the glasses being great fun, the colour variations make it six times easier to identify which glass is yours!